Interview with Eddie McGuire, Wil Anderson and Luke Darcy, The Hot Breakfast, Triple M

22 February 2018

EDDIE MCGUIRE: Scott, good to have you on board. TREASURER: Good morning. It’s great to be here. MCGUIRE: And yesterday you were in the seat of Higgins and doing all sorts of things. TREASURER: Yeah. MCGUIRE: Now, can I just ask a question off the top? Our economy is going beautifully at the moment, we […]

Joint doorstop interview, Helloworld Ashburton, Melbourne

21 February 2018

MINISTER O'DWYER: Well I'm delighted to be here in the heart of Higgins, in the Ashburton village strip shops, and here particularly at Daniel Addicoat's business Helloworld. I'm joined by the Treasurer, who is always a very welcome visitor to Higgins to be able to talk about the powerful impact of company tax cuts on […]

Interview with Neil Mitchell, 3AW

21 February 2018

NEIL MITCHELL: Scott Morrison, good morning. TREASURER: Good morning, Neil. Good to be here in Melbourne. MITCHELL: Thank you for coming in. I want to play you something that your former boss, Tony Abbott, said last night about immigration: [EXCERPT PLAYS] TONY ABBOTT: My issue is not immigration. It's the rate of immigration at a […]

Interview with Barrie Cassidy, ABC Insiders

18 February 2018

BARRIE CASSIDY: Treasurer, good morning, welcome. We know that the Prime Minister can't sack the leader of the National Party, but if this was a Liberal minister, would he or she survive? TREASURER: Well that's not what is before us. What is before us is a matter for the National Party, and I think one […]

Interview with Tom Elliott, 3AW

16 February 2018

TOM ELLIOTT: Mr Morrison, good afternoon. TREASURER: G’day, Tom. Good to be with you. ELLIOTT: How would you describe Barnaby Joyce’s press conference this morning? TREASURER: I understand he’s under a lot of pressure and the Prime Minister was very clear later today in saying he understands that well. When people are under pressure, you […]

Interview with Leigh Sales, ABC 7:30

12 February 2018

LEIGH SALES: Treasurer, welcome to the program. TREASURER: Thanks, Leigh. SALES: I'll come to economic matters shortly but just firstly to follow up on Tom Iggulden's story. Next week, Barnaby Joyce will be the acting Prime Minister. Is he the best standard bearer for the Turnbull Government? TREASURER: There's no one I know in the […]

Doorstop interview, Sydney

9 February 2018

TREASURER: I was very pleased today to launch the Open Banking Review Report, and we look forward to getting people’s feedback. What this is about is giving banking customers more power to ensure they can get the best deal by using their own information. Whether it's a mortgage, whether it's any credit product, whether it’s […]

Interview with David Speers, Sky News

7 February 2018

DAVID SPEERS: Treasurer, thanks very much for your time this afternoon. A lot of people will have been watching their investments, their savings, pretty worried over the last 24 to 48 hours, there’s some better news today but what’s your message to them? TREASURER: I think to just remain calm and take the advice. We […]

Interview with Sabra Lane, ABC AM

6 February 2018

SABRA LANE: Scott Morrison good morning. Welcome back to AM. TREASURER: G'day Sabra. Good to be here. LANE: Do you have sympathy with the Australian workers who haven't had a decent pay rise in years? TREASURER: Yes. LANE: What are you going to do about it? TREASURER: We are going to ensure that businesses invest […]

Doorstop interview, Canberra

6 February 2018

TREASURER: Yesterday, the jobs survey showed 178,000 or thereabouts jobs had been advertised every week in January. That is another very strong result and continues the strong economic data we saw over the summer. That takes us into 2018 with a lot of optimism, a lot of strong belief in where the economy can go […]

Interview with Tom Elliott, 3AW

5 February 2018

TOM ELLIOTT: Mr Morrison, good afternoon. TREASURER: G’day, Tom. ELLIOTT: Now, firstly, tax cuts. It appears through the centrepiece of Donald Trump’s economic strategy to cut American taxes, they’ve already had big corporate tax cuts there for around about 30 down to 20 per cent. Have they worked? TREASURER: Well, they’ve just come in and […]

Interview with David Koch, Sunrise

31 January 2018

DAVID KOCH: The Treasurer is in the US meeting with business leaders and tech companies. Scott Morrison joins me now from Silicon Valley in California, Treasurer thanks for joining us. Last month the US passed the most significant reform to their tax system in decades. They dropped their corporate tax rate from 35 per cent […]

Interview with Kieran Gilbert, Sky News

25 January 2018

KIERAN GILBERT: Mr Morrison in relation to the TPP, The Australian reports modelling which suggests an increase of up to 1 per cent of GDP as a result of this, does that stack up, that sort of modelling do you think? TREASURER: Well I think it is consistent with the evidence over a long period […]

Joint Press Conference, Brisbane

24 January 2018

PRIME MINISTER: The announcement overnight that the Trans Pacific Partnership is going ahead is great news. It’s great news for jobs. More trade, more exports, means more Australian jobs. The momentum that we have built up here in Australia, that saw the largest annual jobs growth in our history – 403,000 jobs - is being […]

Interview with Fran Kelly, ABC RN

23 January 2018

FRAN KELLY: Treasurer, welcome back to breakfast. TREASURER: Great to be here Fran. KELLY: You're going to be trying for a second time to pass these tax cuts for our big businesses, Labor says the benefits will go to quote "millionaires and multinationals and everyone else will just get the middle finger". How will you […]

Interview with Ross Greenwood, 2GB

22 January 2018

ROSS GREENWOOD: Happy New Year to you Treasurer. TREASURER: You too Ross. GREENWOOD: This is a really interesting hearts and minds debate, because you can understand that a battler who is out there, who hasn't really seen a pay rise for two or three years, who is struggling with the cost of living, with electricity […]

Press conference, Sydney

21 January 2018

TREASURER: 2017 was a year of extraordinary jobs growth in Australia, over 400,000 jobs created in the year. More than 1000 jobs every, single day. That was the strongest calendar growth in jobs we have seen on record. That is great news for the hundreds of thousands of Australians, including young Australians, who are able […]