‘The Fair Go Economy’, Address to Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne

7 August 2018

Today, I want to talk about what I like to call the 'Fair Go Economy' that we have here in Australia. When I was working in border protection years ago, both in opposition and in government, Senator Jim Molan, former Major-General Jim Molan, had a defence military maxim he explained to me. He said, 'Scott, […]

‘Consumer powered competition in our banking sector’, Address to Australian British Chamber of Commerce, Sydney

3 August 2018

Change within the banking and financial sector is not on its way. It's already here and it's now. As a Government we haven't been waiting or delaying our action. The disruptive forces of technology, the arrival of nimble new players, the evolution of data use, and the empowerment of the customer are combining to upend […]

‘The aspiration of ageing’, Address to Council on the Ageing (COTA), Sydney

25 July 2018

Aspiration has no age limit. That’s what we believe. Aspiration doesn’t grind to a halt when you hit 65. It is not the exclusive domain of younger generations, eyes wide open, world at their feet. To be financially secure; setup for the years to come. To be fit and healthy. To build on or broaden […]

Address to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA, Business Breakfast, Perth, Western Australia

16 July 2018

So I said that I'd return with an answer this time last year, and here I am and I have with the great assistance of Mathias Cormann who I'm pleased to have with me today and Ben Morton. And to others I extend a warm welcome particularly to all at the Chamber, can I say […]

Address to the CEDA State of the Nation Conference, Canberra

25 June 2018

The essential services that Australians rely on. The quality of our schools and hospitals. Medicare, the PBS and our disability services. Infrastructure that is critical to bust congestion, boost the liveability of our cities and better connect our regions. All reliant upon, all paid for, all guaranteed by a stronger economy. This principle was central […]

Address to the Federal Council, Sydney

16 June 2018

At last year’s Federal Council, I said that as a party our job was not to persuade Australians to be on our side, but to convince and demonstrate to them that we were on theirs. This remains our task; engaging and demonstrating every day and in every way, that we are working for them and […]

Address to the Higgins 200 Budget Breakfast, Melbourne

11 May 2018

Mark and Nicole and Steve, he calls himself lucky Steve, you saw him in the video there, Jo and Cruz and Nick, they’re like millions of Australians today. As they’ve got up this morning, and they might’ve been caring for an aged parent, and exchanged that loving morning smile, probably the best part of their […]

Address to the National Press Club, Parliament House, Canberra

9 May 2018

The faces you have just seen, the stories you have heard, are why the Turnbull Government is focused on building a strong economy. At the end of the day, everything rises and falls on a stronger economy. The security of your job, your business, your wage, your income. The essential services you rely on. Hospitals, […]

Budget speech 2018-19

8 May 2018

Thank you Mr Speaker, I move that this Bill now be read a second time. "What have you achieved? What are you going to do now? What does it mean for me?" These are the questions Australians want answered tonight. So let me get to it. A stronger economy. More jobs. Guaranteeing essential services. The […]

“Lower taxes for a stronger economy”, Address to the Australian Business Economists, Sydney

26 April 2018

Our economy is continuing to strengthen. All Australians do and must share in the benefits of a stronger economy. The benefits of a job, an income, a wage, reward for effort, investment and making sacrifices. The benefits of essential services like Medicare, Hospitals, Schools, aged care and the pension. All of this is reliant on […]

‘Mining the Smart Economy’, Address to the AFR Banking and Wealth Summit, Sydney

4 April 2018

Of all the features of our Australian economy, the most impressive is its resilience. A resilience anchored in the indefatigable will of an Australian people that refuses to be denied their prosperity. The compounding effect of continued growth in the face of decades of economic upheaval, financial crises, globalisation, floods, droughts, commodity cycles and technological […]

Address to the International FinTech Conference, London, United Kingdom

22 March 2018

Thank you Chancellor for that warm introduction. It’s great to be here to talk about the close relationship that exists between Australia and the UK. And today we commit to even closer collaboration through the official signing of the UK – Australia FinTech Bridge. In the true sense of the word, the Bridge helps us […]

Address to the ASEAN-Australia Business Summit, Sydney

17 March 2018

Thank you, it's an honour for the Australian Government to host this Summit. Not only is this event unparalleled in Australia, it's yet another sign that our commitment to trade is central to our national economic plan to drive jobs and growth in Australia - backing in businesses to create jobs, invest and expand their […]

‘Realising our year of opportunity through lower taxes and more open and competitive banking’, address to the Citibank A50 Australian Economic Forum, Sydney

9 February 2018

2018 is a great year of economic opportunity for Australia, for Australian businesses, and for investments in Australia. In the past 12 months, the Australian economy has delivered solid growth, entering its 27th year of uninterrupted economic expansion, while diversifying its base as the non-mining economy continues to strengthen. We have witnessed extraordinary jobs growth […]

Treasury Laws Amendment Enterprise Tax Plan (No. 2) Bill summing up speech, the House of Representatives

8 February 2018

Firstly, I thank all the members who have contributed to this debate. This Bill delivers on the remainder of the Government's Enterprise Tax Plan introduced in the 2016-17 Budget. The first element of that plan, which has been previously legislated for firms earning up to $50 million in turnover each year, was a watershed change […]