Address to the House of Representatives – Marriage amendment

4 December 2017

The debate regarding same sex marriage in Australia has been settled. Australians were rightly given an opportunity to have their say, by this Government, and they have spoken. It’s time to get on with it. As one of the principal proponents of the original plebiscite, I wanted to ensure that whatever the outcome was, that […]

Address to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s 2017 Business Leaders Annual Dinner, Canberra

29 November 2017

It’s happening, right here and right now. Our economy is shifting gears, and we are entering a new chapter of growth. The downturn from the mining investment boom that had restrained our economy for many years, has all but run its course. Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe confirmed this last week when he declared an […]

Making the right choices for better days ahead

20 November 2017

There is now an economic consensus in Australia that the “better days ahead” I spoke about in this year’s Budget are materialising. The evidence supporting the improvement in our economy can give us all confidence, as we put some tough years behind us, and look towards an exciting new growth phase ahead. This renewed optimism […]

‘Social Impact Investing: Activate and Accelerate’, Address to the Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific, Sydney

14 November 2017

Thanks for your warm welcome. It’s great to be here to talk about the Government’s vision for social impact investing in Australia. I am particularly interested in this vital area because it marries my current responsibilities as Treasurer and my previous role as Social Services Minister and results in real change for communities that genuinely […]

Address to the Australian British Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne

3 November 2017

In January, I stood on a stage in London and spoke of the challenge of navigating our economy through an important transition.  This involved riding the bumps through the final stage of the mining investment boom and dealing with the aches and pains of an economy that had been undergoing profound change. From a reliance […]

Address to the FinTech Australia Collab/Collide Summit, Melbourne

2 November 2017

Digital disruption and collaboration in financial services is changing the world. This change is putting the power back in the hands of the consumer. It's what they want that counts, and that's how it should be. Empowering the customer, driving down cost and increasing speed and efficiency - this is what we want to see […]

Address to the Financial Services Council, Sydney

30 October 2017

Good morning and thanks very much for that introduction. It's great to be here today with the Financial Services Council — the voice of Australia's biggest sector and one of our largest employers. It's business as usual for the government despite some issues in recent days. Our economy continues to show its mettle, as it […]

“Protecting our living standards”, Address to CEDA, Canberra

24 October 2017

Almost a decade after the GFC hit, a brighter picture is now emerging for the global and domestic economy, providing evidence of better days ahead. Over the past 12 months, 371,500 Australians got a job, the strongest jobs growth since before the Global Financial Crisis. Twelve months of consecutive jobs growth is the best result […]

Second Reading Speech, Treasury Laws Amendment (Banking Executive Accountability and Related Measures) Bill 2017

19 October 2017

Every day, ordinary Australians rely on the Australian financial system. It is essential to many of the biggest decisions Australians make in their lives, whether that's borrowing for a house, saving for retirement or investing for their family's future wellbeing. The financial system is also crucial in many other respects of our day-to-day lives, whether […]

‘Better days ahead’, Address to Citigroup, New York

12 October 2017

Introduction Thanks for your warm welcome and to everyone at Citigroup for once again hosting me here today. It's great to be back in New York. There is no doubt the United States has been a powerful force in shaping the economic future of a capital-hungry Australia; where international investment has fuelled our ambition and […]

“More and better paid jobs”, Address to the Business Council of Australia, Sydney

29 September 2017

Australia is enjoying the strongest period of job creation we have seen in decades. Having endured some tough times in the prolonged wash-up from the Global Financial Crisis, Australian businesses are now starting to see the better days ahead that I spoke about in this year’s Budget. Importantly, as they see these better days emerging, […]

“It is still the most exciting time to be an Australian” – address to the Australian Computer Society, Sydney

28 September 2017

Thank-you very much, it is great to be here. In case you are wondering it is still the most exciting time to be in Australia. It still is. This room would understand that better than any. That was a true statement when the Prime Minister first said it a few years ago, and nothing has […]

“The economics of opportunity”, Address to Bloomberg, Sydney

31 August 2017

As we move into spring, we can continue to take confidence that a brighter picture is emerging within our economy. The `better days ahead' I spoke of in the May Budget was not wishful thinking. It is now the emerging economic consensus. The resilience of our economy has enabled us to push through what has […]

Address to the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, Sydney

21 August 2017

Our economic story in Australia is fundamentally an immigration story and a small business story. The success our small business community has enjoyed and the prosperity it has generated for Australians, is in large part due to our country’s enrichment from immigration. The migration of ideas, innovation and ingenuity, not just people. It is a […]

Second Reading Speech, Medicare Levy Amendment Bill 2017 (National Disability Insurance Scheme Funding)

17 August 2017

Thank you Mr Speaker. I move that this Bill be now read a second time. In moving that this Bill be read a second time, I would like to dedicate this Bill and its associated Bills to my brother-in-law, Gary Warren, who—as I remarked at the National Press Club earlier this year, when I referred […]

‘Guaranteeing the essentials – a foundation for fairness’, Address to the Australian Industry Group, Adelaide

27 July 2017

The Budget I handed down in May was built upon a foundation of fairness, security and opportunity. It was about making the right choices to secure the better days that are ahead. It is a Budget that seeks to encourage and support all Australians; from all walks of life, of all generations and experiences, by […]

‘Living within our means’, Address to the Melbourne Institute Economic and Social Outlook Conference, Melbourne

20 July 2017

Thank you for the invitation to once again to speak at this important forum. The Turnbull Government is governing for everyone. Not for any special or sectional interest, whether they be big business or unions, nor to any particular section of the crowd. It is our job to govern for every single Australian, ‘for all […]

Address to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA Perth Arena, Perth

30 June 2017

Western Australia has always managed to punch above its weight when it comes to talent and leadership. An army of WA entrepreneurs and corporate leaders have shaped our economy. And their vision, skill and courage has only been matched by their generosity. Today is my first opportunity to pay tribute to Andrew Forrest here in […]

‘On their side’ Address to the Liberal Party of Australia Federal Council, Sydney

24 June 2017

Politics across the globe has been turned on its head. In election after election we have seen conventional politics left standing at the polls. Entrenched cynicism. Widespread disconnection. Broad based economic frustration and disempowerment. Distrust of whether the system is working for them. Our election victory last year, led by our Prime Minister, was achieved […]

Foreign Investment Dialogue, Parliament House, Canberra

21 June 2017

Thank you for the introduction, it is great to be here. There is no question foreign capital has allowed the Australian people to enjoy higher rates of economic growth, employment and a standard of living that could not have been achieved from domestic savings alone. Therefore our door must always remain open to those that […]

Address to the SMSF2017 Summit & Investment Expo, Sydney

16 June 2017

It’s good to be here with you today to focus on the issues which I know are of most concern to you. When Ben rang me about a month or so ago now and asked me if I’d like to come along today, I was very keen to take up the opportunity. I know you’ve […]

Address to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia State of the Nation Conference, Parliament House, Canberra

1 June 2017

Thanks very much, Lyndal, for that introduction. In framing this year’s conference, CEDA has posed the question on whether Australia can continue its golden run of 25 years of economic growth? The answer is: Yes, of course we can. But just as before, we will have to fight for it. We will have to continue […]

Major Bank Levy Bill 2017, Second Reading speech, Parliament House, Canberra

30 May 2017

The Turnbull Government is committed to Australia having a world leading financial sector. Our banks must be unquestionably strong, but they must also be unquestionably accountable, unquestionably fair and our banking system must be unquestionably competitive. The Government is also committed to ensuring that Australia’s largest banks are held to account and make a fair […]

Address to the Australian Industry Group Post-Budget Dinner, Parliament House, Canberra

24 May 2017

Introduction Economic growth doesn’t fall from the sky. It must be earned. It must be won. It must be worked for. It is the result of the application, innovation and determination of the Australian people to make the right choices to secure their economic opportunities. It occurs where businesses are given the confidence and freedom […]

Address to the ACOSS Post-Budget Breakfast, Sydney

15 May 2017

Thank you for that introduction, I am very pleased to be here to discuss issues and solutions. Today I want to talk about Housing. It’s an important social and economic issue. When you don’t have a roof over your head, everything gets harder. This is my third address in a series on Housing where I […]

Address to the Higgins Budget Breakfast, Melbourne

12 May 2017

A tremendous campaign was waged here in Higgins and Kelly you did an outstanding job, demonstrating not just your great skills when it comes to the Treasury portfolio matter, but as a grass roots politician who focuses on her community where she’s able to, she’s able to bring together such tremendous support like we see […]

Address to the National Press Club, Parliament House, Canberra

10 May 2017

CHRIS ULHMANN: Good afternoon and welcome to the National Press Club coming to you from the Great Hall in Parliament House, for our traditional post Budget address and if you want to join our conversation online then our “hashtag” is "NPC" and our Twitter handle is “at PressAUST”. Well, the stage is set, there is […]

Budget Speech 2017-18, Parliament House

9 May 2017

Thank you Mr Speaker, I move that this Bill now be read a second time. For many years now, as our economy has gone through major changes, Australians have had to dig deep to keep our economy on the right track. During this time we have consistently outperformed the top advanced economies in the world. […]

Address to the Australian Business Economists, The Westin, Sydney

27 April 2017

Thanks very much — it’s good to be here. There is now a little less than two weeks until the Budget. Twelve months ago, we announced a budget that was unapologetic in its commitment to drive jobs and growth with a plan to provide fertile ground for businesses to invest and expand. This is because […]

Address to the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, Melbourne

10 April 2017

Introduction Thank you for your introduction and for arranging for me to address you today. This is an audience I know well, having met and worked with you and your organisations, not only as Treasurer but during my time as Minister for Social Services and in earlier roles, even before I entered politics. I know […]

Address to the AFR Banking and Wealth Summit, Sofitel Hotel, Sydney

6 April 2017

Introduction Thank you for the invitation to be here today. We're about a month out from this year's Budget. You won't be surprised to know that I won't be using this address to preview its measures. However, it is an opportunity to reflect on how far we've come in the past twelve months and take […]

Address to the Citi A50 Australian Economic Forum, Sydney

10 February 2017

Thanks very much for inviting me back here to address you and good afternoon everyone. This is a forum for frankness. It’s a chance to discuss the direction of Australia’s economy, its opportunities and its challenges. And once again I thank my colleague, the Member for Wright Scott Buchholz, for helping to make this important […]

‘The Shared Alliance’, Address to the Australian Business Breakfast, London

27 January 2017

After twenty five consecutive years of annual economic growth, an entire generation of Australians has grown up without ever having known a recession. It is one of our nation's greatest achievements. Our task now is to do what is necessary to set up and drive the next generation of growth. Despite continuing global uncertainty and […]

G20 Conference on digitising finance, financial inclusion and financial literacy, Wiesbaden Germany

27 January 2017

It's a pleasure to be in Wiesbaden today, with a new G20 host at the helm and an exciting agenda before us. I am very personally interested in the topic of digitalisation in the finance sector — one of the key priorities of Germany's 2017 G20 Presidency. And what this conference gives us is a […]