Speech to the Australasian Finance and Banking Conference

14 December 2016

Thank you Dean [Chris] Styles for that kind introduction. I appreciate the invitation extended to me by the University of New South Wales Business School and Institute of Global Finance to address you today. This is a timely conference. The World Bank’s Doing Business report, the launch of which we mark today, reminds us of […]

Staying the Course

16 November 2016

Attachment [PDF 6.8MB] During August and September this year I delivered a series of speeches — ‘Staying the Course’ — outlining how the newly‑elected Turnbull Government is setting Australia up for our next generation of economic success. With our nation having just concluded its 25th year of consecutive economic growth, the central focus of the […]

Address to the Fintech Australia Summit, Melbourne

4 November 2016

Introduction It's great to be here today at the FinTech Australia's inaugural national summit, 'FinTech Australia Collab/Collide 2016'. Today I want to talk further about the collision and collaboration between regulation and technology – RegTech – especially in financial services. In a world of mounting cynicism and growing mistrust, our institutions must find ways to […]

Keeping home ownership within reach – Address to the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), Sydney

24 October 2016

Thank you for your introduction. There are three important economic goals that Australians aspire to. To have a job to support and care for your family, to be independent in your retirement and to own your own home. As a Government we share and want to facilitate Australians being able to realise these aspirations. Our […]

Australia — The upside economy in a post GFC world

5 October 2016

It’s great to be with you in this fantastic city. New York is bold and it's brash. New York is built upon and sustained by an indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship. In New York, opportunity is always knocking and there is always someone ready and willing to open the door. One should never get between a […]

Staying the Course – Keeping the door open to our economy

30 September 2016

  Introduction After twenty five years of uninterrupted annual economic growth an entire generation has grown up without ever having known a recession. This is despite a GFC, an Asian financial crisis, global terrorism, SARS, one in a hundred year floods, droughts and a one third fall in our terms of trade. For some, a […]

Staying the course of economic reform – increasing what we earn, Address to the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne

16 September 2016

Slide presentation [PDF 594KB] Introduction Last week, the June Quarter National Accounts confirmed one of our countries greatest national achievements, namely twenty five years of consecutive annual economic growth. 25 years of growth is the product of a generation of hard work by millions of Australians who got a job, created a job, started and […]

Budget Savings (Omnibus) Bill 2016

31 August 2016

This Bill containing 24 measures and totalling more than $6 billion in savings is part of the $40 billion in budget improvement measures that the Government will be seeking to legislate over the coming months. As a Government we inherited $240 billion in accumulated deficits and a debt of $317 billion projected to increase to […]

Staying the course – strengthening our resilience in uncertain economic times, Address to Bloomberg, Sydney

25 August 2016

Slide presentation [PDF 1.5MB] Australia has just concluded its 25th year of consecutive economic growth. This has not occurred by accident – it is the product of more than 30 years of economic reform and hard work, ingenuity and sacrifice from millions of Australians. Events have both assisted us and challenged us – but overall […]

Budget Speech 2016-17, Parliament House

3 May 2016

Thank you Mr Speaker, I move that the Bill now be read a second time. Mr Speaker, this cannot be just another budget, because these are extraordinary times. This Budget is an economic plan, it’s not just another budget. Australians know that our future depends on how well we continue to grow and shape our […]

Address to the ACL 2016 National Conference, Sydney

23 April 2016

It is a great pleasure to be here with you all today with some old friends sitting down here from the ACL, I have known for many years. I am very pleased to be here with all of you. Can I first of all though acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation and acknowledge […]

Clearing a path for jobs and growth
Address to the Business Council of Australia — Annual Forum Dinner, Sydney

13 April 2016

What I want to do tonight is take the opportunity to share some of the big-picture principles, if you like — as I prepare my first Budget as Treasurer, at this critical time for our economy. My purpose is straightforward – to clear a path for growth and jobs in a stronger new economy. A […]

Address at the launch of the Government’s FinTech statement, Stone & Chalk, Sydney

21 March 2016

Today I am here to talk about FinTech but as you know the Prime Minister has made an announcement earlier today about the calling back of Parliament to deal with the issue of the ABCC. That is another sector, another sector that is absolutely critical to the successful transitioning of our economy. Over a million […]

Address to the Australian Financial Review Business Summit, Melbourne

15 March 2016

Thank you very much Michael Stutchbury — it's great to be here with you all this morning and to take the opportunity to come and share with you our thoughts on growth and jobs and on 'risk taking and growth making'. It's also a good opportunity to get some time away from the Budget preparations […]

Address to AustCham Shanghai, Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai

26 February 2016

Introduction Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen — it is delightful to be with you today. Let me begin by extending my warm thanks to AustCham Shanghai for inviting me to speak, as well as CEO Udo Doring and the extremely talented Board of Directors.  The work that AustCham does in this most remarkable city — […]

Address to the SMSF 2016 National Conference, Adelaide

18 February 2016

Slide Presentation [PDF 358KB] Australia’s economy is transitioning and transitioning successfully. Australians know that that transition is not simple. They know the volatility that they see beyond our shores and even here on our own shores but Australian’s are not intimidated out of their future or out of their prosperity. We have always been a very […]

Address to the National Press Club, Canberra

17 February 2016

Slide Presentation [PDF 1.2MB] TREASURER: Thank you very much, Chris. It's a great pleasure to be back here again today and particularly in this new role as Treasurer. It was about a year ago where I addressed you as the Social Services Minister and talked about a number of very important things that were happening […]

Address to the Citibank A50 – Australian Economic Forum, Sydney Opera House

29 January 2016

Can I start by saying this in terms of our attitude towards economic policy – the key to managing economic policy is to understand the things you can’t control so that you can better manage the things that you can. That is very much our outlook. Of course what happens in global markets and elsewhere […]