Remarks at launch of Melbourne Airport T4 Terminal

9 December 2015

Thank you very much, Lyell, it's good to be here with you today and with Jane and Rob and all of you. The Prime Minister I'm sure would say, if he was here, there's never been a more exciting time to be here at Melbourne Airport. This is a beautiful day here in Melbourne and […]

Address to the Association of Superannuation Funds Of Australia (ASFA) Conference, Brisbane

27 November 2015

Good morning everyone, it's a great privilege to be here today. I wish to start by acknowledging ASFA CEO Pauline Vamos and the important role ASFA plays in the superannuation industry. This Government knows that it's important for us to have a conversation about superannuation and about the principles that will guide further policy. ASFA […]

A National Platform for Economic Growth and Jobs, Address to the Bloomberg Summit, Sydney

18 November 2015

Thanks very much Ed, and to all those at Bloomberg, thank you for the invitation to be with you here today. It is a very distinguished audience that I have the pleasure of speaking to today and for those joining us beyond these walls it is great to be with you also. Can I also […]

The inaugural Rev. Dr. Gordon Moyes Lecture, The Wesley Mission, Sydney

16 November 2015

Introduction Good evening everyone, it is a great privilege to be here tonight to deliver the inaugural Rev. Dr. Gordon Moyes Lecture. Thank you very much to Wesley Mission and Dr Keith Garner for the invitation as well as to Beverly and the Moyes family. This is a forum which honours the memory and contribution […]

Launch of Water Services Association of Australia and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Report, Mural Hall, Parliament House, Canberra

12 November 2015

Introductory remarks Thank you very much Brendan, it is tremendous to be here with you. We have known each other a long time and it has been a very good friendship - sadly he doesn’t live in the Shire anymore but he’ll come to his senses at some point, I’m sure. To you also, Adam, […]

A National Platform for Economic Growth and Jobs,
Address to the Economic and Social Outlook Conference,
Grand Hyatt, Melbourne

5 November 2015

Thanks very much, David Uren, and to Professor Paul Jensen, the acting director of the Melbourne Institute, for inviting me here today. Can I also acknowledge the Melbourne Institute, The Australian and the Productivity Commission in hosting such a significant series of conferences. An optimistic future Let me start by saying that I'm both a […]

Opening Remarks: Council of Federal Financial Relations, Sydney

16 October 2015

It is great to have all colleagues - the States and Territory Treasurers here in Sydney today and Gladys thanks very much for hosting us in New South Wales. Gathered around this room is effectively the board of directors of growing Australia’s economy. We all share the key goal of growing our respective economies and […]