16 November 2016
Speech - #2016022, 2016

Staying the Course

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During August and September this year I delivered a series of speeches — ‘Staying the Course’ — outlining how the newly‑elected Turnbull Government is setting Australia up for our next generation of economic success.

With our nation having just concluded its 25th year of consecutive economic growth, the central focus of the Government is on ensuring we continue to do what is necessary to guarantee growth, jobs and higher living standards for all Australians.

There are many obstacles in our path.

Our nation is saddled with a debt and deficit legacy from the previous Labor government, we are in the midst of low global growth and calls for renewed protectionism are increasing.

We must stick with our national economic plan of which every element is designed to help us increase what we can earn as a nation, as businesses and as individuals as well as strengthen our resilience against global shocks.

The plan promotes investment, drives innovation, transforms our defence manufacturing industries, reduces the tax burden on investment and enterprise, opens up our enterprises to new markets through more new export trade deals, develops infrastructure that underpins investment and removes the impediments to investment in critical sectors.

We will also keep the door of our economy open with foreign investment, trade and an immigration program that is focused on bringing people to Australia who make a contribution rather than take one.

Staying the course on our national economic plan will help to set Australia up for our next 25 years of consecutive economic growth.

Thank you.