16 October 2015
Speech - #2015001, 2015

Opening Remarks: Council of Federal Financial Relations, Sydney

Check against delivery

It is great to have all colleagues - the States and Territory Treasurers here in Sydney today and Gladys thanks very much for hosting us in New South Wales.

Gathered around this room is effectively the board of directors of growing Australia’s economy.

We all share the key goal of growing our respective economies and our national economy and of growing and supporting jobs.

This is the most important responsibility we have, it is a shared trust and one I know that unites us all in that objective.

We have got a good, strong agenda today that is focusing on ensuring we have a tax system that is supporting people to work and save and invest, supporting people right across the country to realise the aspirations they have for them and their families and their businesses and communities and to ensure that is an effective and fair way to ensure we are getting about that task.

But equally about the service offerings that are delivered at a State and Territory and Commonwealth level.

Around this table the States and Territories are responsible for delivering those core services that Australians rely on and we need to do that in the most efficient and effective way we can and we share that objective as well.

So we have a busy agenda today and I want to thank all the Treasurers for the very positive way in which you have been able to welcome a new member to the table and I look forward to working together.

We have a lot to do and I am very encouraged by the progress we are already making.

So thank you all very much and we look forward to getting on with the meeting.