Address to the Citi A50 Australian Economic Forum, Sydney

10 February 2017

Thanks very much for inviting me back here to address you and good afternoon everyone. This is a forum for frankness. It’s a chance to discuss the direction of Australia’s economy, its opportunities and its challenges. And once again I thank my colleague, the Member for Wright Scott Buchholz, for helping to make this important […]

‘The Shared Alliance’, Address to the Australian Business Breakfast, London

27 January 2017

After twenty five consecutive years of annual economic growth, an entire generation of Australians has grown up without ever having known a recession. It is one of our nation's greatest achievements. Our task now is to do what is necessary to set up and drive the next generation of growth. Despite continuing global uncertainty and […]

G20 Conference on digitising finance, financial inclusion and financial literacy, Wiesbaden Germany

27 January 2017

It's a pleasure to be in Wiesbaden today, with a new G20 host at the helm and an exciting agenda before us. I am very personally interested in the topic of digitalisation in the finance sector — one of the key priorities of Germany's 2017 G20 Presidency. And what this conference gives us is a […]