16 December 2016
Media Release - #2016134, 2016

Reserve Bank Board appointment

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Carol Schwartz AM to the Reserve Bank Board as a part-time member for a five-year period from 14 February 2017.

Ms Schwartz has business experience across a range of industries which will enable her to make a strong contribution to the Reserve Bank Board.

She is the Foundation Chair of the Women’s Leadership Institute Australia, the Chair of Our Community, a social enterprise supporting community organisations, the Founder of the Trawalla Foundation, and her current directorships include Stockland, Qualitas Property Partners and Trawalla Group.

She has previously served as a Non-Executive Director of the Bank of Melbourne, the Chair of Industry Superannuation Property Trust and as National President of the Property Council of Australia. I congratulate Ms Schwartz on her appointment.

Ms Schwartz’s commencement on the Reserve Bank Board coincides with the conclusion of Ms Heather Ridout AO’s term on 13 February 2017. Ms Ridout has made an important contribution to Reserve Bank Board deliberations through a challenging period for the Australian economy and I thank her for her service. I wish her every success for the future.

This appointment has been made in accordance with section 14 of the Reserve Bank Act 1959 under which the Treasurer appoints Reserve Bank Board members.