22 April 2016
Media Release - #2016045, 2016

Not just a ‘little list’ of Labor’s deceit

Labor's deception on tax, penalty rates and a royal commission has been exposed.

In an extraordinary interview on 3AW's Neil Mitchell program yesterday, Bill Shorten revealed how Labor has been manipulating and exploiting these issues.

Firstly, he revealed that Labor had no plan or policy when they announced the need for a royal commission into the banks. Mr Shorten only had a blank sheet of paper for terms of reference into one of the critical sectors of our economy and only jotted down 'a little list' of things yesterday in the car on the way to the interview. This is an extraordinary admission from a man who wants to look after our national economy.

Secondly, Bill Shorten has finally come clean and confessed to Australians that the Labor Party's long-running campaign on penalty rates has been a sham. His on air moment of alacrity confirmed that the Labor Party will accept the decision of the independent Fair Work Commission when it hands down its penalty rates determination, despite his running around with the unions saying they would "save weekend penalty rates".

Thirdly, despite promising that the budget repair levy was temporary and stating that in government Labor would never keep it, Bill Shorten is now considering breaking Labor's L-A-W law promise on tax. If Labor wants to put the tax back up they should be honest and tell hardworking Australians that they want to introduce a new "Labor Spending Levy", not a budget repair levy, as none of it will go to fixing the budget, and all of it will just go to throwing more money around with higher spending.

Labor has also already been caught out supporting the unions and their sham Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) that was nothing more than a deal between the TWU and Labor to grow union membership and put owner-drivers out of business.

Bill Shorten led the charge in support of the union campaign against the new jobs that will result from greater trade access to key markets like China. This populist stance was exposed by the Labor Premiers and others who called on Bill Shorten to stop playing politics with jobs and the economy.

We already know the real motivation for Labor on corruption involving the unions. Labor voted to try and prevent the reintroduction of the successful Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) that had curbed union lawlessness and corruption in the building and construction industry. On behalf of the unions, Bill Shorten prefers high costs and industrial disputes to small business and home owners.

Bill Shorten's thinly veiled class warfare strategy extends to increasing the tax on investments by 50% and he also wants to lock out hardworking Australian families who are trying to use negative gearing to get ahead in their lives and help their kids into the property market.

Labor will do anything and say anything to get back into office and resume their high taxing and high spending spree that left us with the deficit and debt disaster of the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years.

Only a Turnbull Government can be trusted to manage our economy and support Australia through our transition and create the new and better paying jobs in our new economy.