4 April 2016
Media Release - #2016035, 2016

2016-17 Budget media lock-up

Media organisations are invited to the 2016-17 Budget lock-up from 12pm, Tuesday 3 May 2016 Parliament House, Canberra.

Media organisations should email budget_lockup@treasury.gov.au by 5pm, Friday 15 April 2016 with the names and positions of employees seeking access.

Space in the lock-up is limited, so please restrict applications to essential employees. Treasury will confirm approved registrations via email.

Approved attendees only will be able to sign in to the lock-up from 12.00pm, but will not have access to the Budget documents until 1:30pm.

On entering the lock-up, attendees will be unable to leave until the Treasurer delivers the Budget in the House of Representatives at 7:30pm on 3 May 2016.

As is usually the case, Budget information may not be broadcast, published or made publicly available in any way until its official release at 7:30pm. The following restrictions will also apply:

  • Contact with anyone outside the lock-up area prior to the Budget’s release is not permitted (with the exception of authorised communications to secure Budget sub-lock-ups).
  • Mobile phones are not permitted in the lock-up. Secure storage facilities will be available outside the lock-up area.
  • Laptops and tablets can be taken into the lock-up. Electronic versions of the Budget documents will be available on USB sticks and for download via a secure Wi‑Fi access point. Following download, connectivity must be disabled for the duration of the lock-up. The area will be monitored for unauthorised transmissions.
  • Attendees will not be permitted into smoking areas during the lock-up.
  • Attendees are required to vacate the lock-up area by 8:30pm.

More information will be provided to approved lock-up attendees closer to Budget. If people require any further information at this point, they should send an email to budget_lockup@treasury.gov.au