23 December 2015
Media Release - #2015029, 2015

Productivity Commission appointments

Treasurer the Hon. Scott Morrison today announced three new appointments to the Productivity Commission.

Ms Julie Abramson and Mrs Angela MacRae will serve as part-time Commissioners and Professor Stephen King as a full-time Commissioner of the Productivity Commission (the Commission), each for a five-year period.

The Commission is an independent authority established under the Productivity Commission Act 1998. It is the Australian Government’s principal advisory body on microeconomic policy and regulation.  The Commission’s work covers all sectors of the economy and focuses on areas of Australian Government as well as State and Territory responsibility.

Ms Julie Abramson is currently a part-time Commissioner with the Victorian Essential Services Commission.  Ms Abramson will bring a general legal capability in implications for public policy and regulatory experience from the perspective of national interest, commercial opportunity and enhanced flexibility for small to medium businesses.  She will also bring an appreciation of social policy implications of major government reform initiatives.

Mrs Angela MacRae, currently appointed as a part-time Commissioner to the Commission, brings valuable skills in tax policy and finance.

Professor Stephen King is currently a Professor of Economics at Monash University and a member of the National Competition Council and Economic Regulation Authority in Western Australia.  Professor King will bring a technical reputation and professional authority that will add depth to the Commission’s findings and recommendations, and a demonstrated capacity for providing leadership in guiding strategic research, analysis and the building of public policy options based on sound economic principles and social requirements.

I congratulate Ms Abramson, Mrs MacRae and Professor King on their appointments and look forward to each of them making a significant contribution to the important work of the Commission.